Sunday, August 13, 2006

Neighborhood Haunts

After living in my neighborhood for the past 4 years, I've come to the realization that I am better acquainted with the local shop cats than I am with the actual shopkeeps. In fact, I'm on a first name basis with nearly a dozen neighborhood kitties. The following posts will introduce a small sampling of my favorite feline neighbors.

Willie & Larry

On Atlantic Avenue we have Willie & Larry. Willie & Larry live in my Vet's office. Larry (second photo) can often be found attacking the blinds in the front window. On this particular day, Willie was begging pepperoni off of the staff's pizza.


Next up on Atlantic Avenue we have the sweet mama Fehla. Fehla resides at the Oriental Pastry & Grocery Company. She patrols the the olives and baklava.


Meet Nabi, the flower shop cat. I am told her name means "kitty" in Korean. She holds court at the Rose Valley Flower Shop on Montague Street. This photo pretty much captures Nabi's regard for humans. To quote a passerby, "She's a snob


Gigi is the mistress of Perfect Paws on Hicks Street. Perfect Paws does the absolute best job of grooming Brooklyn's dogs and cats. Gigi knows. Check out their reviews on Citysearch.

More neighborhood kitty intros coming soon!

Saturday, August 12, 2006

Poor Fred Wheezy, you served us well.

Sad. Gothamist link here.

Thursday, June 15, 2006

Unleashed: Upcoming and Current Events

Downtown Doghouse hosts a weekly breed-specific playdate for dogs. Tonight's date is for Havanese and Maltese dogs! (could get ugly.) 6-8pm. Free event, free goodies. Check their site for future events.

Exhibition of photographer Frances Sheriden's work Unleashed: Dog Runs of NYC at the Arsenal Gallery in Central Park. Free to the public M-F 9-5 through July 6th.

NYC Audubon Society hosts Sunset EcoTours of NY Harbor and the Long Island Sound. Visit Harbor Heron Islands and cavort with egrets, comorants, and yes... herons. Every Saturday through August 1st. Departs from South Street Seaport's Pier 17 at 7pm. $25, $10.

The Bronx Zoo Wild Dog exhibit opens today. It's your chance to meet the Dog Whisperer himself: In honor of the zoo's newest residents, Cesar Milan will speak and sign his new book, this Saturday 11-12:30pm Also new at the Bronx Zoo, don't miss the Babirusa boar piglets!